Out with the old…Fast ForwardWith other iPod speaker systems you're forced to use the iPod itself to pick a song. You’ll do as much walking as listening, unless you're satisfied with hitting “next track” a few hundred times. 

GEORGE is remarkably different. In with the newScreenGEORGE’s remote reconnects you to your iPod, giving you full access to your music library. Navigate your music library as if your iPod was in the palm of your hand.
Built for speedSearching for that perfect song? Only GEORGE has Jump Buttons, a short cut to any letter of the alphabet, ideal for navigating small to medium sized music libraries. For larger libraries, GEORGE lets you search by spelling the title of that artist, album, or song.
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Hey DJ!Disco BallShow off your mixing skills using GEORGE’s Jukebox feature, take requests and build a playlist, without ever leaving the party.